Introvert Tips for Surviving Your First Day of Work

People with INFJ personalities often strive to find meaning through worthy causes. INFJ stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging, meaning that individuals with this rare personality type tend to be creative, caring and sensitive to the feelings of others.

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What are the Dangers Lurking in Your Garden? Tips To Discuss Backyard Safety With Children

To a child, backyards are lands of adventure filled with trees to climb, spider webs to poke, and gardens to trample.

While kids can’t wait to get out there and explore, as a parent or caregiver of young children, it’s a terrifying thought.

You want to protect your children, but you also want to let them find their own path as they make their way through the world.

So what’s the best way you can protect your child and not lose your mind?

Educate them.

What are the dangers lurking in YOUR garden? Tips to discuss backyard safety with children will empower them to make more informed decisions at playtime.

Rules That are NOT Meant to be Broken

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Forget sitting your child down and rattling off a list of ‘do’s and dont’s’. Think back – did that ever work for you? 

It’s best not to follow a “this is what will happen if you don’t listen to me” approach.

Instead, keep it positive and explain why something is dangerous or may cause injury.  This is much more effective than hollering “don’t touch that!” in a frenzied panic.

Point out off-limits areas, such as the garage or tool-shed.

What Can You Do To Practice Outdoor Safety?

Play Equipment

Explain there is to be no chasing, pushing or roughhousing.  The play equipment should only be used as it’s meant to be used (i.e no standing on the swing). 

Water Fun

Store water hoses out of reach. Educate your child to steer clear of any water sources outdoors; like buckets, troughs and pools.

If you have a swimming pool, check your enclosure regularly to ensure little ones can’t access it without your supervision.

Trampoline Safety

Photo by Charles Cheng

Despite modern trampoline developments, injuries can still occur.  Make sure you purchase the safest trampoline possible. Check for a model with curved safety poles, with padding on any metal bars and secure, UV-resistant safety netting.

Enforce one child bouncing at a time. No jumping when the surface is wet.  No toys in the trampoline.

Most importantly…

Allow them to have fun!

As a parent or caregiver, you may want to wrap your kids up in cotton wool to keep them safe.  However, your little adventurers need the freedom to explore and learn for themselves.

What are the dangers lurking in YOUR garden? Tips to discuss backyard safety with children will help them become more aware of their surroundings and in time, to make better decisions.

Then both of you can enjoy your time together, in the backyard.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Campervan

Local driving codes

Whenever you are driving in a foreign country, it’s important to be aware of local road rules to keep you and other drivers safe. For example, countries such as Australia and New Zealand require you to drive on the left side of the road. In the United States, most states have laws allowing you to execute a right turn on a red light if the road is clear. Make sure to spend some time familiarising yourself with the road rules of your destination – and read carefully!

24/7 support

When looking to rent a campervan, make sure your rental company provides adequate support whenever you need it. For example, during your campervan adventure, you may fall in love with a certain area. To extend your time there, you may want to change your drop-off date or destination. Round-the-clock support provides flexibility to edit your rental plans as needed.

Account for additional costs

The upfront rental payment is just one part of what it costs to hire a caravan. Remember to factor in fuel and insurance expenses into your budget as well. Include estimates for these costs in your budget, to avoid being caught out. For fuel especially, consider how far you will travel and include some extra allowance in your budget too, just in case.

Be aware of places to stay

Spontaneity is one of the best advantages of campervan travel. However, ensure you are aware of any local parking restrictions – especially for stopping overnight. Before you head out on the road, try to get a sense of where the designated campervan and motorhome camping areas are situated along your route.

Book early

Secure your campervan rental as early as your plans allow. Motorhome Republic campervan hire is a popular way to travel, particularly during the high season for tourists. Planning and booking early will ensure you don’t miss out.

Campervan Hire in Melbourne

Renting a campervan is one of the best ways to see the beautiful city of Melbourne and the surrounding parts of Victoria. Campervan hire in Melbourne is inexpensive, leaving more of your valuable budget to explore this chic, modern city. is a great option for Melbourne campervan hire, with a great range of campervans and motorhomes to choose from. Whether you’re exploring alone, as a pair, or have a larger group going together, you’ll easily find the best model to suit you. Customer support for Motorhome Republic is among the best too – with 24-hour support on hand for whenever you need advice.

How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

Are you looking for a space to dine alfresco, relax in the sun or to entertain an unforgettable party?

There is no shortage of designs for outdoor furniture in NZ. The hard part is choosing the right furniture for you and your family. Review these tips for choosing quality Auckland outdoor furniture.

Consider the weather

Good outdoor furniture should be able to withstand New Zealand’s tough weather conditions. This is especially applicable in Auckland NZ where you can experience four seasons in one day! Your furniture will have to withstand the intense heat, heavy rain and UV rays. Bear in mind lightweight furniture, patio chairs and cushions will need to be stored during heavy winds and rain. Wood requires a varnish every few years to protect the grain and prevent rot. Plastic furniture may need to be kept away from the heat.

Choose your budget

Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of options for cheap outdoor furniture. Metals, synthetics and concrete are the way to go for small budgets. These products aren’t usually long-lasting but are great for updating a space at a small cost. Teak wood and rattan are ideal materials for the higher-end budgets. Both materials are known to be incredibly durable, so are a great long-term investment.

Measure your space

Measure the area you have available. Ensure your patio furniture does not overcrowd the space, so you can move around with ease. Allow for sufficient space to pull out the outdoors chairs from the table. Less is more. It’s always better to downsize than to have a cramped area that is inconvenient to use.

Involve the whole family

Turn outdoor furniture shopping into family bonding time. Involve everyone in the decision-making process. Find out what your kids prefer so they can enjoy the space as much as you will. If everyone enjoys the space, there will be more opportunities for family time and social events. Outdoor sofas are a hit with the kids. They are super comfortable, and you can all snuggle up with a blanket and watch the stars. This is a great alternative to being stuck indoors behind a television or computer screen.

Review the functionality

Consider these questions: Is the furniture comfortable? Will you use it? Buying furniture that looks great is one thing, but furniture with no functionality is pointless. A dining set would not be suitable for those wanting to lounge. Similarly, a sofa would not be convenient for dinner parties. Decide on the purpose of your outdoor area. This will help you decide which type of furniture is the most suitable.

Look into Maintenance

Rattan and synthetic furniture tend to require the least maintenance. Wooden outdoor furniture lasts for many years and requires little maintenance. The only catch is to varnish the wood every few years. This simple DIY job and is well worth its resistance to wear for many years. Garden furniture with cushions may need to be kept out of the sun due to fading and rain to prevent mould growth. Canvas furniture may also fade.

Check the Details

Furniture that looks good from the outside may have flaws in the craftsmanship. Check the details before making a purchase. Check wooden outdoor furniture has been sanded well with no rough edges. The last thing you want is to find splinters in your little ones’ hands after buying brand new furniture. Check the sturdiness of the outdoor furniture is sturdy and find out if the metal screws are made of stainless steel or aluminium. Steel screws will rust.

Escape the hustle and bustle of New Zealand city life by creating an outdoor retreat right in your own home. Get back to nature, enjoy the fresh air and spend time with friends and family.

Furnishing an outdoor space is a great way to add an extra ‘room’ to your house without going through the trouble of renovating. Start choosing your outdoor furniture today!

6 Outdoor Furniture Trends

For many of us, New Zealand’s long summer days calls for lounging outdoors and playing backyard cricket. There’s nothing quite like spending a day hosting a barbeque and relaxing with family and friends. With new trends in outdoor furniture and housing, it can be difficult to make sure your outdoor area remains trendy and up to date for your guests. Here are a few simple ways to ensure your backyard is fun and functional for your barbeque filled summer days.

Suit your needs

The first thing to keep in mind is your personal needs! There’s no point grabbing onto a trend that you love out of a magazine if it’s impractical for your family life! Always consider whether your chosen trend will suit your day-to-day life!

Most importantly, all your furniture should be sturdy and stable to avoid unnecessary injuries, especially if you have kids. Avoid selecting furniture that can be rocked about on while seated. Anything else liable to cause accidents should be avoided. An important mantra to keep in mind is Murphy’s Law – everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Avoid this by making an effort to select outdoor furniture that leaves no chance for anything to go wrong!


Lounging out on your deck is one of the premium ways to enjoy your outdoor space. Sun loungers are perfect for your Kiwi summer. From reading and writing to snoozing, these are perfect for so many activities. You can even watch the kids in comfort while relaxing on your outdoor daybed! They are also the ultimate accompaniment to the stock-standard Kiwi barbecue. Beautiful memories can be created watching the sunset over the backdrop of your trees from your sun loungers. Both practical and stylish, outdoor loungers, including pool loungers, are becoming an ever-more popular trend amongst New Zealander- with sun loungers Auckland amongst the most popular.

Fire Pits

The next trend that’s making waves in Kiwi backyards are fire pits! Extend your summer enjoyment and hosting ability long into the hours of the night by installing a fire pit. This is particularly useful for those cooler summer nights. Of course, playing with fire is never without its risks. It is vital that all fire pits are not only safely installed but also safely maintained. Whether you go for the cheaper, temporary option, or a permanent fixture, ensure you meet fire safety regulations and have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Colour Coordination

For the ideal styling situation, your colour theme should be consistent with your existing outdoor area. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to update your outdoor area colour coordination is the way to go! A fresh coat of paint, new pillows and planters are a great way to refurbish your outdoor area on a budget. For a personal touch, you can do this yourself. Grab some paint brushes and DIY your way to a trendy outdoor area. Get the kids involved and make it a fun summer activity for the whole family!


For a change of scenery, festoon and fairy lights are a brilliant option to create a fun summer atmosphere. These have an added bonus of being a great backdrop for that picture perfect Instagram. You can even add some solar lamps around the garden to brighten up the area for late night relaxation sessions with friends and family. With the bright summer days, there’s sure to be no shortage of sunshine to power them!


When you think of New Zealand, you think of nature. Make use of your backyard plants and the beautiful natural flora New Zealand has to offer with planters! Both hanging and floor plants create a secluded feeling and romantic atmosphere! This is great for those who relish a cosy date-night-in with their significant other!

Find the Best Visa for You: Living & Working in Aotearoa

With its pristine nature and chilled-out people, Aotearoa New Zealand is a sought-after destination for many globetrotters. In fact, many travellers fall so in love with this little antipodean country that they end up wanting to make a more permanent move.

The good news is that living and working in Aotearoa doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. The country is full of thriving expats who’ve successfully found jobs in New Zealand. However, there are some practicalities to consider before you go ahead with your New Zealand job search – not least your visa. Wanting to know what kind of visa you may be eligible for as a skilled worker? Keep on reading to learn more about the visa categories available in New Zealand, and you’ll be winging your way to the Land of the Long White Cloud in no time.

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

The New Zealand government actively invites people with desired skills and qualifications to apply for this kind of visa. Skilled migrants take up technical New Zealand jobs which aren’t able to be staffed internally. Provided you’re 55 years or under, you could be able to live and work in New Zealand permanently and bring your partner and/or children along with you. All you need to do is send an Expression of Interest to New Zealand Immigration detailing your employment in NZ, work experience, and qualifications. To check that your skill is included under the Skilled Migrant category, check the NZ Immigration website.

Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa

Are you a construction project manager? A chemical engineer? A radiologist, psychiatrist, surgeon? Perhaps you work in IT, or in the electrical trade. If so, you’re in luck, because another pathway to NZ residence is offered by the Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa. You’ll need to already hold an offer of employment in the relevant occupation, but finding a job in New Zealand when you’ve got a sought-after skill won’t be a hard task. Once you’ve worked for two years in Aotearoa under the above visa, you’ll become eligible for the Long Term Skill Shortage List Resident Work Visa.

Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa

This visa category is for workers who may not qualify for the long term or skilled migrant categories, but who have been offered full-time work by an accredited employer. Your skill has to have been recognised as necessary by your employer, but once they vouch for you, you have every chance of acquiring this kind of hall-pass. Plus, work two years as a talent work visa holder, and you’ll become eligible for the Talent (Accredited Employer) Resident Visa.

Entrepreneur Resident Visa

If you’ve been working in your own business in New Zealand for at least six months, then you can apply for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa. It sounds as cool as it seems: if your application is granted, you can continue living in NZ indefinitely.

Living in New Zealand

Now that you know which visa category to apply under, and are choosing between jobs in New Zealand,  you’re sure to be thinking about how to settle in. And what better to get you excited about becoming an honorary Kiwi than to mention a few of the fantastic activities and entertainment options that NZ has to offer?

In terms of nature’s wonders, you’ll have the pick of New Zealand’s 15,000 kilometres of coastline, as well as its renowned national parks. Then there are the snow sports to be found in Queenstown, and the beautiful islands to sail around in the Hauraki Gulf. When it comes to entertainment, you’ll be able to enjoy Aotearoa’s many food festivals, cycle around the world-famous vineyards, try an adrenaline sport, or head to a local theatre to soak up some of the arts and culture. And the rest – well, the rest you’ll have to see for yourself!

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Business Car Insurance

There are a million things to learn and remember when you are starting a business. Even just attempting to familiarise oneself with the different types of business insurance can be incredibly overwhelming. However, it’s easy to determine if your business needs business car insurance.

Beyond the daily commute, does your company use vehicles in its business operations? These uses might variously include travelling to different work locations, visiting clients, allowing your staff to drive your car or commercial uses like transporting passengers. If your business involves any of these types of activities, you will definitely need to insure the vehicles with business car insurance. Here are five reasons why it is so indispensable.

Peace of mind

Above all, insurance is about putting your mind at ease about the great number of unexpected things that can go wrong, in business and in life. To produce a business car insurance quote, the insurance company takes stock of the importance of the vehicle to your business and the level of risk involved in operating it. It will consider the use of the vehicle and nature of your work, average mileage, the value of any equipment carried and relevant claims history. You can’t predict the unpredictable, but you can set up a safety net to mitigate the damage when vehicular disaster strikes.

Protecting the business

When a vehicle is essential to the running of your business, a car accident or theft can throw a serious spanner in the works. Aside from covering the potentially astronomical costs of a breakdown or accident, company car insurance policies often include roadside assistance and quick access to a replacement rental car, so you can get back on the road and minimise any negative impact on profits. The most comprehensive business vehicle insurance plans include legal cover, providing funds for legal expenses if an accident case ends up going to court.

Protecting employees

Investing in business vehicle insurance for your company cars is not only common sense for the benefit of the business but also for that of your staff. With insurance, employees are not held liable for third-party damages, vehicle recovery and repairs following an accident. With the most comprehensive policies, employees are insured for medical expenses that they may incur in an accident, damage or theft of their personal effects while they are in the car. They also don’t have to worry about the additional costs and stresses of owning their own car like tax and car maintenance. Furthermore, offering a company car can be a fantastic draw for attracting job candidates when you are recruiting new talent.

Protecting customers

Standard business car insurance NZ only insures the drivers and third parties, whereas, for companies that transport passengers as their business, more comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance is required. This protects the business from claims resulting from an accident where a customer or client was in the car, providing compensation for bodily injury and property damage. Commercial car insurance safeguards the interests of all concerned, while also safeguarding your business.

Cost benefits

As well as protecting your company from the financial risk of vehicular problems, company vehicle insurance can save your business money in other ways. If your business owns several vehicles, motor fleet insurance can be a cheaper way to insure all of the company cars. Fleet insurance covers all of the business’s vehicles on a single policy, which can amount to huge savings. However, be sure to shop around and research all of your business insurance quotes thoroughly. The cheapest option may seem tempting, but you could end up paying more in the long run.

How to Effectively Manage Your Time Between Work and Study

Working and studying at the same time is enough to make anybody’s life hectic.  Constantly switching off from one thing and on to the other leaves very little time for anything else, and most of us have homes to keep in order and sleep to fit in too.

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