6 Brilliant Travel Destinations for People Who Love the Water



With one of the longest coastlines in the world, Australia is a water lover’s paradise. You’ll have the choice of dozens of beautiful beaches in the Land Down Under, and as many water-related and sports and attractions to enjoy.

The states of New South Wales and Queensland boast some of the best surf breaks in the world, with warm waters to boot. Diving and snorkelling to see the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef should be at the top of any to-do list in Australia.

If staying in a coastal city, keep an eye out for Australia’s iconic saltwater ocean pools. These charming pools are built right into the beach and are a charming part of Australia’s relationship with the ocean.


Picture this dream holiday – a leisurely ocean cruise under the bright sun through Greece’s picturesque islands. The glistening blue of the Mediterranean set against quaint island villages makes for an idyllic sight.

The islands of Greece boast some of the country’s best beaches for swimming and sun-bathing. For avid foodies, delicious local seafood caught daily is available on every menu.

Departing from Athens, you can join a tour of the Cyclades Islands that visits several smaller islands over a few days. If you’d prefer to stay and savour one spot, check out larger Greek islands such as Crete or Zakynthos.


There are countless things to do in Samoa if you love to be in the water. Start in the capital of Apia, Samoa and explore the beaches, reefs, and watering holes of this beautiful island nation.

Options for Samoa accommodation vary depending on your budget and your needs. For the most relaxing island experience, look for fully serviced hotel rooms and resorts. Samoa hotels are some of the best in the Pacific, with impeccable service and great facilities. Many Apia accommodation options also provide pools for you to enjoy, meaning you never have to be far from the water! In the capital, you can enjoy scuba diving, surfing, waterfall walks, and much more to satisfy your taste for adventure.

New Zealand

From golden beaches to mountain lakes and rivers, the opportunities to enjoy the water in New Zealand are endless. In such a small country, you’re never far from coastal beaches or a local swimming hole. An exciting attraction for any New Zealand visitor is a day at the natural geothermal hot pools of the central North Island. For a great view of New Zealand’s gorgeous coastline in the warmer months, try a guided sailing tour of the Bay of Islands. It’s a great way to see more of one of New Zealand’s most treasured regions.


Many people think of driving snow and freezing cold temperatures when they think of Canada. During the summer, however, is a very different story! Canada enjoys a hot, sunny summer near the border with the United States, where most Canadians live. The country’s many national and regional parks are filled with glittering lakes and burbling rivers to enjoy. A family visit to a lakeside cottage during the summer is a Canadian institution. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, and water-skiing are popular activities for Canadian holidaymakers. Canada is so much than just its winter – make the most of it!

Costa Rica

One of many of the beautiful countries of Central America, Costa Rica is a quintessential Caribbean paradise. Rest and relax at white sand beaches – or enjoy one of the world’s best places to swim with dolphins and view other marine life. Many of the businesses that offer these up close and personal experiences are run ethically and sustainably. This gives you the peace of mind that your money is helping these incredible creatures and protecting the environment they live in.

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