6 Outdoor Furniture Trends

For many of us, New Zealand’s long summer days calls for lounging outdoors and playing backyard cricket. There’s nothing quite like spending a day hosting a barbeque and relaxing with family and friends. With new trends in outdoor furniture and housing, it can be difficult to make sure your outdoor area remains trendy and up to date for your guests. Here are a few simple ways to ensure your backyard is fun and functional for your barbeque filled summer days.

Suit your needs

The first thing to keep in mind is your personal needs! There’s no point grabbing onto a trend that you love out of a magazine if it’s impractical for your family life! Always consider whether your chosen trend will suit your day-to-day life!

Most importantly, all your furniture should be sturdy and stable to avoid unnecessary injuries, especially if you have kids. Avoid selecting furniture that can be rocked about on while seated. Anything else liable to cause accidents should be avoided. An important mantra to keep in mind is Murphy’s Law – everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Avoid this by making an effort to select outdoor furniture that leaves no chance for anything to go wrong!


Lounging out on your deck is one of the premium ways to enjoy your outdoor space. Sun loungers are perfect for your Kiwi summer. From reading and writing to snoozing, these are perfect for so many activities. You can even watch the kids in comfort while relaxing on your outdoor daybed! They are also the ultimate accompaniment to the stock-standard Kiwi barbecue. Beautiful memories can be created watching the sunset over the backdrop of your trees from your sun loungers. Both practical and stylish, outdoor loungers, including pool loungers, are becoming an ever-more popular trend amongst New Zealander- with sun loungers Auckland amongst the most popular.

Fire Pits

The next trend that’s making waves in Kiwi backyards are fire pits! Extend your summer enjoyment and hosting ability long into the hours of the night by installing a fire pit. This is particularly useful for those cooler summer nights. Of course, playing with fire is never without its risks. It is vital that all fire pits are not only safely installed but also safely maintained. Whether you go for the cheaper, temporary option, or a permanent fixture, ensure you meet fire safety regulations and have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Colour Coordination

For the ideal styling situation, your colour theme should be consistent with your existing outdoor area. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to update your outdoor area colour coordination is the way to go! A fresh coat of paint, new pillows and planters are a great way to refurbish your outdoor area on a budget. For a personal touch, you can do this yourself. Grab some paint brushes and DIY your way to a trendy outdoor area. Get the kids involved and make it a fun summer activity for the whole family!


For a change of scenery, festoon and fairy lights are a brilliant option to create a fun summer atmosphere. These have an added bonus of being a great backdrop for that picture perfect Instagram. You can even add some solar lamps around the garden to brighten up the area for late night relaxation sessions with friends and family. With the bright summer days, there’s sure to be no shortage of sunshine to power them!


When you think of New Zealand, you think of nature. Make use of your backyard plants and the beautiful natural flora New Zealand has to offer with planters! Both hanging and floor plants create a secluded feeling and romantic atmosphere! This is great for those who relish a cosy date-night-in with their significant other!

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