How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

Are you looking for a space to dine alfresco, relax in the sun or to entertain an unforgettable party?

There is no shortage of designs for outdoor furniture in NZ. The hard part is choosing the right furniture for you and your family. Review these tips for choosing quality Auckland outdoor furniture.

Consider the weather

Good outdoor furniture should be able to withstand New Zealand’s tough weather conditions. This is especially applicable in Auckland NZ where you can experience four seasons in one day! Your furniture will have to withstand the intense heat, heavy rain and UV rays. Bear in mind lightweight furniture, patio chairs and cushions will need to be stored during heavy winds and rain. Wood requires a varnish every few years to protect the grain and prevent rot. Plastic furniture may need to be kept away from the heat.

Choose your budget

Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of options for cheap outdoor furniture. Metals, synthetics and concrete are the way to go for small budgets. These products aren’t usually long-lasting but are great for updating a space at a small cost. Teak wood and rattan are ideal materials for the higher-end budgets. Both materials are known to be incredibly durable, so are a great long-term investment.

Measure your space

Measure the area you have available. Ensure your patio furniture does not overcrowd the space, so you can move around with ease. Allow for sufficient space to pull out the outdoors chairs from the table. Less is more. It’s always better to downsize than to have a cramped area that is inconvenient to use.

Involve the whole family

Turn outdoor furniture shopping into family bonding time. Involve everyone in the decision-making process. Find out what your kids prefer so they can enjoy the space as much as you will. If everyone enjoys the space, there will be more opportunities for family time and social events. Outdoor sofas are a hit with the kids. They are super comfortable, and you can all snuggle up with a blanket and watch the stars. This is a great alternative to being stuck indoors behind a television or computer screen.

Review the functionality

Consider these questions: Is the furniture comfortable? Will you use it? Buying furniture that looks great is one thing, but furniture with no functionality is pointless. A dining set would not be suitable for those wanting to lounge. Similarly, a sofa would not be convenient for dinner parties. Decide on the purpose of your outdoor area. This will help you decide which type of furniture is the most suitable.

Look into Maintenance

Rattan and synthetic furniture tend to require the least maintenance. Wooden outdoor furniture lasts for many years and requires little maintenance. The only catch is to varnish the wood every few years. This simple DIY job and is well worth its resistance to wear for many years. Garden furniture with cushions may need to be kept out of the sun due to fading and rain to prevent mould growth. Canvas furniture may also fade.

Check the Details

Furniture that looks good from the outside may have flaws in the craftsmanship. Check the details before making a purchase. Check wooden outdoor furniture has been sanded well with no rough edges. The last thing you want is to find splinters in your little ones’ hands after buying brand new furniture. Check the sturdiness of the outdoor furniture is sturdy and find out if the metal screws are made of stainless steel or aluminium. Steel screws will rust.

Escape the hustle and bustle of New Zealand city life by creating an outdoor retreat right in your own home. Get back to nature, enjoy the fresh air and spend time with friends and family.

Furnishing an outdoor space is a great way to add an extra ‘room’ to your house without going through the trouble of renovating. Start choosing your outdoor furniture today!

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